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About company

Vietdutch started business with core veneer trading in 2010. At the beginning time, our company had four staffs who bought and exported core veneer from Vietnam to India. After one year, Vietdutch was bigger and bigger, Mrs Pham Ngoc Mai, Company Director, decided to invest a new factory in Hanoi, Vietnam in January 11th, 2011. This factory started to produce core veneer, then some months later Vietdutch continued with plywood production. The number of staffs and workers increased in quantity and quality.
With the huge demand bigger and bigger, Vietdutch continued to invest two other factories in different places in Vietnam in 2012. We supplied 50 containers to 100 containers per month to Global markets such as India, Korea, Malaysia, China, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt…etc.
In 2013 we invested a new project in Laos, which produced keruing face veneer. A lot of customers are interested in this kind of face veneer. Keruing face veneer is applied in plywood production. They put this face veneer on the plywood, then we have a complete product. At the beginning of 2014 we started sawn timber and timber logs. Vietdutch International JSC become a group with various productions, which meet all of the requirements in wood products.
Vietdutch has been known for quality and prestige. Now we have 40 staffs and 750 workers in Vietdutch group. We supply various kinds of core veneer, commercial plywood, keruing face veneer and timbers. A lot of modern equipments and machines are invested with high technical standard.


  • Vision

To establish ourselves as a brand in the global wood-based product industry

  • Mission

Make every house become alive with our product

Transform every house to a place everyone want to return

Provide new solution for wood product industry

Achieve eco-friendly concept implementation


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