Date:August 25, 2015

Keruing Face Veneer

Keruing face veneer is used for plywood industry. This face is put on the plywood (matply) which becomes a complete product. Keruing face veneer is peeled from keruing timber by peeling machine. Keruing timber logs are from Vietnam or Laos.

Specification of keruing face veneer:

  • Size: 1300 x 2500mm
  • Thickness:  0.35 mm
  • Material: keruing
  • Moisture content: 25%
  • Grade: A grade or B grade
  • Capacity: 300 – 400 cbm/month

Other conditions:

  • Packaging :  Veneer will be packed according to standard
  • Delivery :  Hai Phong Port, Vietnam
  • Delivery time :  30days after receiving deposit or LC advising
  • Payment method :  L/C, T/T in advance

If you need further information, please contact with us for more details