Date:August 25, 2015

Keruing timber logs

Keruing is a hardwood native to South East Asia and used in a wide variety of internal and external applications. Keruing timber is low maintenance, hardwearing and ideal for outdoor furniture use. The wood is strong and classified as durable, making it useful for construction purposes. Other common uses include internal flooring, protected framing and boards, internal joinery and mouldings, lining, paneling and framework.  It is often used as a cheaper alternative to oak for heavy construction, decking, vehicle building and sleepers, and it is also in plywood.


  • Size: Diameter from 50 cm up
  • Length: from 5 m up
  • Origin: Laos
  • Use: making face veneer, indoor or out door furniture, decking and contruction.

Other conditions:

  • Packing: Timber will be according standard
  • Delivery: Hai Phong Port, Vietnam
  • Delivery time:  30 days of working after receiving deposit or LC advising
  • Payment term: TT or LC

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