Plywood without Face Veneer

Matply is a kind of commercial plywood. We name this commercial plywood as matply because this kind of plywood is not covered with face veneer. The Top and bottom layer are jointed by core composer. After pressing, this matply is sanded by calibrated machines. It is ready for face veneer lay-up.


  • Face/back: No face and back veneer
  • Core: eucalyptus, Keruing, acacia or combined core
  • Dimension: 1220×2440 mm
  • Thickness: 12, 15 and 18mm or as required
  • Glue: MR, UF, Melamine and WBP

Benefits of Matply:

  • Cheap price: You can buy Matply at low price. In Vietnam we can buy timber easily and in low price, however we have to import face veneer from other countries such as Myanmar. Therefore the cost of finished products will be very high compared to matply cost.
  • Convenience: You can use matply for your plywood, you put your favourite face veneers on our matply, it becomes your products; Matply is applied in kitchen construction or furniture fields.
  • Platform: Sometimes, matply are used as platform of truck or containers and other fields.

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